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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aw Snap - An Update

I've been remiss in posting this, but it's been a busy two months.

I put up a blog post back on 28 February lamenting how I broke my Leatherman Blast and had to send it back to Leatherman for repair or replacement.

I put the tool in the mail the next day and two weeks later almost to the day the UPS man dropped a small box off in my car port.

Inside was a letter of apology from Leatherman letting me know the Blast was no longer in production but they substituted a newer model as a replacement (I guess it wasn't worth it to them to try to replace the broken screwdriver blade).

What I got was a Leatherman Rebar.  Now, I don't collect Leatherman tools - I just accumulate them and abuse them - so I didn't know anything about this particular model. It turns out the Rebar doesn't match the Blast tool-for-tool; there's a few things missing from the Rebar like scissors (which I actually used fairly often). However, the Rebar offers a few things the Blast didn't, like a dedicated serrated rope cutting blade. an awl (for those of you still into leather crafts) and replaceable wire cutter blades.

Leatherman Rebar

The Rebar is also a smaller overall package that incorporates a very nice feature - Leatherman 'rolls' the exposed edges of the handle sections, making it very comfortable to grip without having to use the plastic liners found on the Blast.

Notice the rolled grip edges - makes for a very comfortable grip without adding to the overall width of the tool

Overall I'm very pleased with the replacement tool. The Rebar is well thought out and well executed and seems to be an overall improvement over the Blast.

Thanks Leatherman - both for standing behind your warranty and producing excellent products!

Stay sharp.

- Brian

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