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As time and events permit we'll tiptoe into other territory where we can use the knife as a metaphor in discussions about current events and have a little politically incorrect fun.

Because you see, knives rank just below guns as the most politically incorrect subject on the web today.

Guns & Knives = Bad. Gay Marriage & Recreational Drug Use = Good

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Through The Rabbit Hole

I read this morning a piece in the ultra leftist Village Voice about how liberal politicians in New York are scrambling to loosen New York's 60 year old laws prohibiting 'gravity knives'. These were laws put in place as far back as the 1950's to ban switchblades, implements of death that scared the hell out of lawmakers that watched 'The Blackboard Jungle' and 'West Side Story' one too many times.

The Village Voice piece, titled Trump's Immigration Crackdown Sharpens Need To Cut Bogus 'Gravity Knife' Law makes for some pretty humorous reading as the story unfolds. It goes something like this:

  • Knives are bad
  • 'Gravity' knives are particularly bad
  • We need to lock up folks who carry gravity knives
  • But wait - a lot of immigrants carry gravity knives
  • Getting caught with a gravity knife is a bad enough offense to get immigrants deported
  • Donald Trump supports deporting immigrants
  • Getting caught with a gravity knife gives Donald Trump all the excuse he needs to deport otherwise 'innocent' illegal immigrants
  • Ergo Donald Trump is worse than gravity knives
  • We must deny Donald Trump this opportunity
  • Therefore we must make the previously illegal gravity knives legal

As I've written about in the past, the laws against switchblades (which morphed into the current laws against 'gravity' knives) are ridiculous. I'm all for easing restrictions on all types of knives, and I think using a blade that is perfectly legal in 99% of the rest of the country as an excuse to lock people up is a classic example of the liberal nanny state gone mad.

So I'm all for 'liberalizing' New York's knife laws and I hope this change goes through. Not for the illegal aliens but for the thousands and thousands of otherwise law abiding Americans who find themselves the target of silly, capricious laws put in place by knee-jerk politicians.

And watching the New York politicians twisting their logic and arguments to fit their political agenda is really delicious!

Stay sharp!

- Brian