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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why I Like Stainless Steel Blades

Bill and I went fishing at Sprewell Bluff on the Flint River this morning on reports that the shoal bass were active.

Don't really know if they were active or not, because about the time we got kitted up it started to pour.  Not too hard if you had the right rain gear (which we did) but hard enough to dampen our enthusiasm for fishing. The river was flowing about 2400 cfs, and safe wading ends at about the 1500 cfs point, so we didn't venture too far out into the water.  I spent a few hours tossing Clouser minnows and woolly buggers into the shoals but got no takers.  Bill ended up getting one good strike on a top water hopper, but that was about it.  The guy sweeping the picnic area with a metal detector was having more luck - he reported digging up 30 cents in about an hour.

As I was standing in the pouring rain I started asking myself deep, probing questions:  Will man ever travel faster than the speed of light?  Are parallel universes plausible?  Will we ever solve world hunger?  Did I bring a stainless steel knife?    

Of all these questions the issue of the stainless steel knife troubled me the most.  Then I remembered that I had indeed brought along a stainless steel blade - my J.D. Davis drop point hunter made of CPM 154 steel.   I had actually strapped it to my belt early this morning before heading out and had forgotten it was there (hard to feel stuff buried deep inside a set of chest waders).  

I patted the sheath on my hip and smiled.  The stars are in their proper places in the heavens, the sun still rises in the east and I've got a stainless steel blade along on this wet, sloppy day.  Life is good.

On the Flint River

I had J.D. build this knife just for days like this.  Yes, I know that carbon steel blades don't just rust away after a few hours of exposure, but I also know that in this day and age corrosion resistance and edge holding ability are not mutually exclusive issues when it comes to knife blades.

On days like this stainless steel is a no-brainer.

Carbon steel is good, but some days just demand stainless
Stay sharp!


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