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As time and events permit we'll tiptoe into other territory where we can use the knife as a metaphor in discussions about current events and have a little politically incorrect fun.

Because you see, knives rank just below guns as the most politically incorrect subject on the web today.

Guns & Knives = Bad. Gay Marriage & Recreational Drug Use = Good

We'll see if we can't have some fun with that.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Low Down Dirty Thieves

This evening I was checking Facebook and got a note from Kletterwerks in Montana to check out an on-line gallery of nostalgic products on Outside Magazine's website.  These are products that have a high 'cool' factor and are still available.

Interested, I clicked on the link to the Outside Magazine photo gallery and was enjoying some of the product descriptions until I got to photo #4.  I about dropped my coffee cup:

Does it look anything like this photo?

Perhaps from this blog post:

By your acclaimed author?

As they say in Minnesota, "You betcha'!"

Now, I normally don't mind if people use my work as long as the use is appropriate, they ask permission first and they give proper credit.  But I guarantee you nobody from Outside Magazine bothered to drop me a line about using my work.

You can damned sure bet that if they caught me plagiarizing their work one of their army of lawyers would be using me as a punching bag.  But I believe in being civil and letting folks correct their mistakes.  Besides, I can't afford a lawyer.  Even the ones in the family say they won't charge.  Especially the ones in the family who say they won't charge!

So this evening Outside Magazine got a nicely worded email asking them to take the picture down.  We'll check back later to see if they paid attention.

Stay sharp!

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