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This blog will focus one of my lifelong passions and one of man's most basic tools - the knife!

As time and events permit we'll tiptoe into other territory where we can use the knife as a metaphor in discussions about current events and have a little politically incorrect fun.

Because you see, knives rank just below guns as the most politically incorrect subject on the web today.

Guns & Knives = Bad. Gay Marriage & Recreational Drug Use = Good

We'll see if we can't have some fun with that.

So stay tuned, and welcome aboard!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Granddaughter!

We've got our first grand baby!  A lovely little lass named Helen.

So what does a new granddaughter get on her birthday?  A nice new pink Case pocket knife, of course!

Helen, born 7 May 2012

Her Daddy will keep it for her until she's old enough to use it, but I think every lovely young lady needs a nice ladies knife to help her with life's troublesome little tasks like cutting string, slicing oranges or prying stuck shells out of the chambers of her Purdy side-by-side shotgun.

Being a Grandpa is going to be soooooo much fun!

Stay sharp!


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