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This blog will focus one of my lifelong passions and one of man's most basic tools - the knife!

As time and events permit we'll tiptoe into other territory where we can use the knife as a metaphor in discussions about current events and have a little politically incorrect fun.

Because you see, knives rank just below guns as the most politically incorrect subject on the web today.

Guns & Knives = Bad. Gay Marriage & Recreational Drug Use = Good

We'll see if we can't have some fun with that.

So stay tuned, and welcome aboard!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Case Congress Knife

I stumbled across this video on YouTube this morning.  Two observations:

1. The Case Congress knife is bee-utiful!

2. I've never seen a video made by this guy before, but it is obvious he understands the concept of production values.  While he's clearly not from around here, he speaks better English than 99% of the fanboys posting their garbage on the web.

A great review and a great historical perspective.  Enjoy!

Guess what's next on my shopping list.

Stay sharp!


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